Do you ‘THANK’ your kids? Implement this behavior and see IMMEDIATE benefits!

Do you THANK your kids? You are likely to say ‘thank you’ when they bring you something you ask for, or pick up their toys after your request, but do you THANK them unsolicited? This is something that I am aware of and try to implement daily with my daughter. I see GREAT benefits!

With positive encouragement comes positive behavior. When I am looking for things to appreciate in my daughter throughout the day it keeps a calmer feel between us. I let her know when she’s done something that makes me feel good, that helps me out, behavior that’s ideal, etc. That brings her joy; deep down children truly want to make those around them happy.

The thing I really found refreshing was that she returns the sentiment. She THANKS me throughout the day as well. ‘Thanks mom for helping me, thank you for making me a snack, thanks for making time for the park today.’ Oh WOW does that fill my love cup and make me warm and fuzzy inside! I share that with her too. We talk about how doing things for others takes time, effort, etc. and we should show appreciation for that and do the same when we can.

We all know modeling good behavior for our kids is ideal. And hard at times. But I don’t think many of us give them some credit where they deserve. They understand WAY more than we think! Share your explanations, give them respect, and talk with them like a close friend. Give them the opportunity to soak it all in and SHOW you what they are grasping. You’ll be surprised, and you’ll see the BENEFITS!

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