ONE Simple Goal

It’s THAT time of year again! Everyone is setting their goals for the New Year, resolutions they hope to achieve. I want to share a piece of advice, something that’s been working well for me recently. Choose ONE simple goal!

Let’s be honest, making changes and creating new habits is hard. So why we all try to do so many things at once doesn’t make sense to me. We are setting ourselves up for failure. Even something that sounds fairly simple like ‘eating healthy’ is a big, BIG task. Eating healthy involves time for research, recipes, shopping differently, cooking differently, snacking differently, and fitting all of those CHANGES into our lives multiple times a day. WTF. It’s nearly impossible to not ‘cheat’ or fail with a goal like that.

I came upon the idea of simplifying my goals when I made a goal a few months ago to simply drink more water, and THAT ALONE was an adjustment. Remembering to drink, remembering my cup wherever I went, and then the time it takes to pee it all out…. LOL. But you know what, I can confidently say that I have succeeded. I have made it a habit now. It comes natural to me.  Goal achieved. It feels good to achieve a goal, not to mention the benefits of the goal. And now I’m excited for the next one!

I followed the same concept with working out. Once I ‘found the right fit’ in the workout realm; a place that has classes I like, child care is offered, fits into my schedule; I tried a handful of classes and attempted to go a few times a week. I found it hard to be consistent. Work, kid, mood, schedule changes, whatever I wasn’t making it there some of the time, and that made me feel crummy. That’s when I decided to just commit to going ONCE a week. Once a week I absolutely had to go to this class. As soon as I made that SMALL SINGLE commitment, I felt a weight lifted off of me! I was never skipping class and enjoyed going even more than before. I wasn’t stressed about getting to multiple classes like I was previously and fitting it all in. After a few weeks, maybe a month and a half I noticed that it was really natural for me and had become a habit to go to that ONE class. I found myself WANTING to go more and SEEING the time available to add on another class. The adjustment had become a part of my lifestyle, I saw and felt the benefit of the class, and started fitting in a SECOND class. Look what’s happened…. a NEW GOAL, a NEW HABIT to achieve.  And it wasn’t like before, I wasn’t adding TWO classes and feeling overwhelmed. I was adding ONE thing, ONE GOAL to my existing life/schedule/habits.

Talking with some friends about my workout transition and how much this process helped me, I realized that I should take the same idea and apply it to my healthy eating goals. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s extremely difficult to just decide to eat healthier and be successful. I am going to start small, start with ONE simple goal. Maybe it’s making sure that I eat healthy ONE meal of the day (I already eat pretty healthy for breakfast, so I’ll apply this to a second meal of the day). By doing this I will be making sure that I don’t binge the rest of the day. I will be committing to making sure I eat healthy for either lunch OR dinner. ONE of those meals will be healthy. And after a few weeks it will likely start to come naturally, won’t seem too difficult, and become a new habit in which I will feel like I can take on a NEW goal.

So, set yourself up for SUCCESS! Make a list of your GOALS and prioritize them, start with ONE simple goal. Dedicate yourself and commit wholly to achieving that goal and when you DO…. get started with the next one!

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