Self Care Sunday

Self care is SO important! And usually ends up being the first thing to get eliminated for so many of us, but if you’re able to make a plan and find the time, there are a ton of benefits! “You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first”

I have found that picking a DAY to do some self care items has helped me to make sure I get them done. We can be crazy busy all week long and juggle to get our work done; taking care of the kids, the pets, the house, run to the store, swap the laundry, get light bulbs, etc., that if I pick a DAY to do certain things, and then WAIT until that day to do those things, it all feels less chaotic. If the need to trim my nails pops in my head (I’ll do that Sunday) When is the last time I exfoliated? (I’ll do it Sunday) I should really whiten my teeth (I’ll do it Sunday). An extra bonus is then these CARE activities feel more relaxing and enjoyable rather than a ‘need to do’ item.

If I SCHEDULE things, I am much more likely to do them at that time. This helps relieve a lot of stress, and helps clear my head of remembering to do them also. I do this practice with laundry as well…I pick a day, (ok it’s 2 days) to knock it out then it’s done. I don’t do laundry all week. I’m not constantly swapping loads, forgetting if I left something in the wash, have a constant pile going that needs to be put away. I start laundry on Friday and I finish it on Saturday. That’s THAT.  

It relieves so much stress and irritation doing things this way. Sure there are times things get shuffled, weekend trips, emergencies, changes in schedules, but generally keeping to a schedule not only helps GET THINGS DONE, but helps settle the mind and body of franticness with bopping back and forth between things. 

What types of things do you do for self care? What kinds of products are you using? I would LOVE to hear some or your routines and schedules!

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